Simulates a live scrum
Achieved through a combination of the patented Rail system and the push back from the pneumatic rams which creates instability.

With a pressure gauge and the control to adjust pressure, you will know your most powerful scrum

Transportable & Versatile
The Live Scrum – Scrum Machine is compact, fits in the back of most cars. Can attach to a wall or anchors to ground.

One Size fits all SCRUM MACHINE

Adjustable pressure and adjustable pads enables kids, adults, amateurs or professionals to use the machine.

Video Clip – age/ability range


Optional units on 1 SCRUM Machine

Single to multiple players: one-man, locks, front row, tight five, full scrum…
Video Clip – age/ability range

Quick Assembly
The Live Scrum – Scrum Machine takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

Easy to use
one dial / one switch
coach can operate the scrum machine while
coaching the scrum.

SUPER Coach, Nick White endorsed the Live Scrum as the closest thing to live scrummaging that he has seen.

NATIONAL PROVINCIAL Coach, Geoff Moon, said it totally hit the spot with teaching all ages to scrummage under the new laws, and he loved it.