Scrummachine.co.nz was set up to show of the full range of Silver Fern’s Scrum Machine Range. The Jewel in the crown is obviously live scrum, but with our motto of “No Gimmicks” we believe our full range of products can truly help teams to create safe and powerful scrums . Be it the Live Scrum Scrum Machine, the basic scrum sled, Single man scrum sled or Mud Nose Ruck Sled, they all have proven benefits.



According to Maori Legend the Silver Fern was asked to come in from the sea and live in forest to guide people through the Bush.

Today the Silver Fern embodies everything that is good about New Zealand. It is a symbol that every New Zealander holds dear and is worn as a badge of honour by our top athletes.



Here at Silver Fern Sport we take our responsibility to the Silver Fern and all it embodies very seriously.

Our goal , just like the real silver fern, is to be a guiding force in helping people from Elite Athletes to Weekend warriors to get the most out of their Sport and fitness.

Our Sports and training equipment is “for the toughest of playgrounds” Fight Sports, Boxing, Fitness, Rugby, Rugby league, Gymnastics and Netball are not activities for the faint hearted.



Silver Fern Sport was established in 1942, and just like our gear, we have stood the test of time. You can trust that you will get great value for money with over 80 years in the industry to back up the quality. We even had an ex All Black, Lin Colling design many of the products that are still in use today.



Silver Fern Sport still manufactures as much as we can in New Zealand, the main reason for this being that Foreign manufacturers just don’t get how hard we are on our gear.