SCRUM MACHINES Powered by Pneumatic rams and our patented rail system, Live Scrum created by Silver Fern, simulates the feel of an opposition Scrum.




We had a goal to create a scrum machine that would not only provide players with a safe tool to improve their rugby scrum strength and technique but to create scrum machines that feels like a real scrum.
With the change in scrum laws and in turn the movements required for the modern scrum, we believe Live Scrum – Scrum Machine is the only cost effective simulator for scrum training on the market.

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Scrum Machine Forces and Engineering

Designed and engineered to withstand a horizontal force of 1600kg, with each Ram producing over 1 tonne of pressure, the Live Scrum – Scrum Machine is strong enough to take on the biggest packs in international rugby.
The machines enormous horizontal force creates 900kg of uplift at the front of the leg. This is stabilized with six ground anchor screws that have a hold down capability of 600kg per screw. Alternatively, chemical anchors can be permanently set into a concrete pad.

LIVE SCRUM MACHINE Pneumatic Rams and Patented Rail System

The most significant element of the Live Scrum – Scrum Machine is the patented Rail System, which in combination with the push back from the Pneumatic Rams creates instability, including a capacity for lateral movement, thus simulating an opposition scrum.
Pressure can be controlled, adjusted and gauged to expose player(s) strengths, discrepancies and measure improvement. This level of assessment makes it is easy to create a safe and powerful scrum.

SCRUM MACHINE Adjustable pads

Live Scrum – scrum machine can be used by all ages from 14 years and older through to full international packs. With easily adjustable pads, you can transform your Live Scrum in seconds.
There are three position settings to suit different age groups and adjusting the positions is as simple as pulling a pin and sliding the pad arm to the next position. The pads are made from heavy duty PVC covered bonded foam and built to last.


To protect the turf, an optional Live Scrum – Scrum machine protective mat is available – made from super durable and flexible rubber, which allows the players regulation studs and moulded soles to get a firm grip without piercing the mat. This robust rubber is resistant to the harsh elements of heat, moisture, frost, sunlight and ozone.


SUPER Coach, Nick White endorsed the Live Scrum as the closest thing to live scrummaging that he has seen.

NATIONAL PROVINCIAL Coach, Geoff Moon, said it totally hit the spot with teaching all ages to scrummage under the new laws, and he loved it.